Friday, June 15, 2012

Second time...

Okay here is another post saying how much I would love to win a swim suit from here!!! I don't think its really a matter of wanting anymore... I neeeeed one. :)

Monday, June 11, 2012

Swim Suit

Here's the deal.... I really really want to win one of these swim suits!! I need one for my honeymoon in August. Lets cross our fingers I win! 

Friday, June 8, 2012

all smiles

I am getting married to the most amazing man I’ve ever met, in the Salt Lake Temple on August 18th 2012. I could stop this blog post right there and you would know all of the important things.

So I think it is time for me to give an update considering I have neglected my blog for the past 4 months.

March 27th 2012:
I woke up and this was just another normal school day.  I went to the gym, got ready, and picked out an outfit that looking back probably wasn’t engagement day worthy. I guess that’s the beauty of surprises. Whenever I walked outside my apartment that day there were weird groups of people and they would all stare at me. Luckily, I was completely oblivious to the fact that there were 50 people in apartment 39 blowing up thousands of balloons.  I went to my Study Abroad class with Haley and Ashley that night. I was expecting to see Corey right after class but he ‘had a meeting with his professor’ so I went to dinner with the girls instead.
   When we got back to King Henry Ashley bounded off to go see Noley Poley, Haley and Kelsey ‘were going on a date’ and Corey was ‘still at his meeting’. So there I was sitting in my apartment all alone really wanting to be with Corey. There was a knock on the door and I was sure it was Corey finally (I am a bit dramatic) coming over to see me. To my surprise there stood Mr. Greg Ah Sue, the funniest man I’ve ever met, holding a balloon and a video camera. Here is the video telling the rest of the story.

Best night of my life. I mean how many times do you get the chance to get engaged in the middle of 5000 balloons? Not very often. I am so impressed that Corey (along with the help of the 64th ward) pulled off such a big surprise. Thanks to everyone who helped . Corey and I were both floating on top of the world that night. We could not stop smiling and hugging and running around in the balloons.  It was magical to say the least.

I love having and being a fiancé. Since school has gotten out we have done so many fun things together. We’ve been camping twice, taken a trip to California, seen a solar eclipse, taken engagements, found an apartment, and planned our little hearts out.

I never realized how many details go into a wedding, but these past few months have really opened my eyes to the intensity of planning.  It is a blast though.  We get to pick out important things, like the shiny little beauties that will go on our left hands for the rest of our lives, to the less important things like color of tablecloths. But all of it means one thing: In 70 days from today I get to become Mrs. Chelsee Wozniak. We’ll get to walk hand in hand out of the temple ready to start our new life together as ‘The Wozniaks’.

I am a happy girl.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

crazy little thing called love.

             Sometimes people enter your life, and you know they are meant to be there.  Trust in the Lord because he knows exactly what he is doing. This semester has been crazy and simply amazing.

            One day my roommates told me that I needed to accompany them on “roommate date”. I was not very fond of the idea, considering I didn’t know who to ask. One cute blonde boy came to mind, but my mind instantly laughed at me and said “yeah right.” Well my roommates, the dears they are, seemed to know exactly what I was thinking and made me pick up my phone and give him a call. Luckily, he said yes.
            That night we hit it off, and I was smitten. We both went home for Christmas break, him to Cali, and me up to Draper. We had several witty & entertaining conversations over the break that only made me like him more, (I thought I was crazy). Little did I know, he was feeling the same way.

            When we both returned to the bubble we went on a date, and since that day we have spent every possible waking moment together.

  We have adventures. 
We are British. 
We ride tandems. 
We wear mustaches.
 We build forts. 
We have cake fights. 
We are spontaneous.
 He gets along with everyone. 
His smile makes me melt. 
He stole my heart. 
I thank heavenly father for him everyday.
I love him.
I am the luckiest.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

caution: head banging causes neck problems.

Dear life & blog readers.. if I have any..
I love you.
But really life is fun. college is fun. my apartment is fun. and my roommates are even funner. That was a lot of fun squeezed into a sentence.

So about a week ago I returned from a fabulous trip to the big apple. Im just going to give a brief picture description, so if you want a more in depth account of our adventures in NY read Miss Kelsie Shae McDonalds blog post here.
      BUT I will be so nice as to include our music video we made here watch it, its pretty funny.

& Ill include a couple of my favorite pictures from the trip. :)

okay so a couple was definitely an understatement... sorry.

another update.. Ive officially started my sophomore year of college. And Ive just got to say right now I definitely prefer sophomore year over freshman year.
weve been here for 1 week and a day. And its been a straight up party. I already told you that my apartment is way fun why?
·      We are over excited to check the mailbox everyday.
·      We make meals as roommates.
·      We have already had a waffle party, several dance parties, movie nights & game nights. Oh and Saturday is our cool pool party for the cool kids at our school. So come. If youre cool.
·      We sing-a-long when one roommate breaks out in song. No matter the song.
·      We have met lots of new friends that are boys.
·      We went and creeped at the temple on Sunday afternoon. If you know what Im talking about you are probably guilty of the same thing.
·      We make fun of each other when we sing in the shower.
·      We take pictures of each other when we fall asleep in awkward positions.
·      We give each other BMPs.
·      Weve played ultimate ultimate spoons.
·      We all have gotten sore necks from head banging at dance parties.
·      We have battle wounds from ginormous slip n slides.
Yes I know.. now you agree with me that we have fun right? Here are our roommate pictures. And a few other fun ones. Enjoy :) 

Monday, August 8, 2011

Get off my case. i was in Vegas.

Disclaimer: this will be long. I just feel it necessary. So read quick or somesing.

Sometimes Vegas calls your name and sometimes you just have to obediently heed that call. Well at least that’s what we did this weekend. Whoever says mormon girls can’t have fun in Vegas is seriously seriously mistaken.

So now I’m going to give a play-by-play of our adventure of course highlighting the fun and exciting parts.

We all packed up Friday and planned to head out by 10 but 2 ½ hours later after 2 visits to Big-O’s.....

.......and 2 visits to the Kearns home we pulled out. Stopping in provo to pick up the beloved A Rich at Mcdonalds. While there we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to Plank. Hehe. We’re such big nerds.

The 6 hour drive went relatively quick considering the fact that we had 5 girls in a little car with NO IPOD ADAPTER. So we took to the old-fashion way of C.D.’s and conversation to get us through. & good news it worked. Time flies when you talk about marriage & go emo & stuff.

We got to Vegas and drove to Courtney’s brothers house. They are the cutest & so nice for letting us stay with them. Dinner at BJ’s (which we all secretly think stands for Beiber Justin’s). with the most COMPLICATED check of my life. I don’t think Vegas-ans really like splitting the check 5 ways?  But what else do you do when you are a poor college kid? Then off to H&M! which is 3 stories of heaven. I think we spent 2 hours there. Giddy the whole time because of our remarkable finds & savings.

Day 2 started off at The original pancake house (which is seriously fabulous.) where we scouted out mormons, bore our testimonies of Vegas, and told Densley the food sucked (we were lying of course. she is just on a crazy diet).

Then we set off for FOREVER 21. Of course.. mind you it is the biggest one in the entire world. Which explains why court & I completely lost the other 3 for an hour & 1/2 .  No joke. We all found lovely items that we just ‘had to have’. Hal takes the cake for the most dolla bills spent. You go glen coco.

Then we finally made our way out onto the strip. We took lots of pictures & ate dinner at Serendipity. Cute atmosphere, pricey delicious food & a snobby waitress.

Then we went over to Caesars palace where it suddenly dawned on us that there is no better place than Caesars to make a music video. & why not do it to a song that was sung originally in Greece. Well in a Disney movie based in Greece. Despite the hundreds of weird stares & laughs we got it turned out pretty well.

Okay so I know this is wayyy too long but only 1 more story. I promise. On our drive home we were all getting tired and maybe a little bored? But don’t tell anyone I admitted it. Until a white truck pulled up along side of us. Must have been fate because it was full of boys. They waved, we waved, their number slid out the window, we called it, they seemed & sounded fun, and we figured out they were good boys (RM’s to be exact ;), so we facebook stalked them, and then met them in filmore for dinner. Hahaha. That was a VERY summed up version to a VERY funny story. Needless to say.. we made some friends & thank the heavens for that!

well in conclusion: go to Vegas with your besties & confirm everyone suspicions that Mormons are bizarre. it really is fun :)